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  • NMT:  The Feinberg Technique, Protocols in NeuroModulation (NMT)

NMT is a safe, effective and rapid method of restoring the body’s inherent capacity to heal.  NMT trains the Control systems of the body to correct the causes of disease in a natural way.

NMT has demonstrated that nearly any illness can be improved and often completely resolved by the application of NMT treatment protocols.  By correcting faults in the body’s regulatory systems NMT restores the body’s innate capacity to heal – the only path the body has to healing and wellness.

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  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

"EFT" or Emotional Freedom Technique is a modern psychological method for facilitating change in a persons life.  New discoveries now allow rapid freedom from the effects of trauma, anger, fears, phobias, depression, anxiety, stress and other emotional issues.

EFT, whose developer and founder is Gary Craig, is the doorway to this refreshing new approach.  This new approach:

  • ...often works when nothing else will

  • ...usually rapid, long lasting and gentle

  • drugs or equipment involve

  • ...easily learned by anyone

  • ...can be self applied

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  • Advanced Jaffe-Mellor Technique (JMT)

Advanced JMT is a revolutionary energetic system created by Carolyn Jaffe, D.Ac., Ph.D. (c) naturopathy and Judy Mellor, RN, Ph.D. (c) nutrition. 

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