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Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a set of common questions and answers pertaining to Khalia's service offerings.

Q: What is NMT?

Some Of The Factors Corrected By NeuroModulation Technique Are:

  • Allergy to any ingestant, inhalant, drug or contactant.

  • Autoimmune disease – confusion in the body that results in immune attacks on our self-tissues.

  • Disturbance of optimal default setting in the nervous system’s sensors.

  • Toxic agents like pesticides, industrial chemicals and heavy metals.

  • Exogenous Analogs – environmental chemicals that mimic our hormones.

  • Unrecognized infectious agents – usually stealth variations of common bacteria which the immune system is unable to target.

  • Altered Genomic patterns – body cells that have mutated from the normal “self pattern” of our DNA.

  • Pernicious synaptic Patterning – “garbage data” produced by errors of nervous system data processing that compromise optimal control of body function.

  • Sensory/Motor Processing faults – setting errors in sensitivity of neural sensors and processors.

  • Addictions and cravings for cigarettes, sugar etc. which affects our lives in many ways including weight gain and less than optimal health and well being.

 Why Do We Get Sick In The First Place?

The human body was designed with so powerful a system of internal controls that good health is our natural state.  When illness comes, it is often a result of factors that confuse the body’s internal control center, the Autonomic control System (ACS) making it impossible to regulate the body to a health state.

What Is The “ACS”?

In NMT we define the ACS, or Autonomic Control System to be all non-conscious level neurological and energetic control mechanisms in the body.  The ACS includes the ANS, or Autonomic Nervous System, which is usually given a definition limited to the combination of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

NMT Is Based On Accepted Principles of Neurophysiology

The human nervous system is a very sophisticated “bio-computer that is separated into the conscious/voluntary and autonomic/unconscious control systems.  We aren’t aware that the ACS functions in the background of our nervous system – otherwise our conscious mind would be so distracted by body processes that we could not concentrate to do anything else.  There is an awareness barrier between these two areas of our brain.  We can’t know our own blood pressure, or the state of our digestion and other body processes just by thinking about them.

The therapeutic effects of NMT on ACS function have been documented with scientifically validated high tech instrumentation including galvanic skin response (GSR), and heart rate variability scanning (HRV).

The NMT practitioner uses a system of clinical treatment pathways tailored to various causes of illness discovered in the patient.  These protocols involve a series of “queries” – questions used to find control system errors.  Next the NMT practitioner uses specific corrective statements of the NMT treatment protocol to train the ACS toward normal function – the first step in the return to wellness.

How Does NMT Correct Disease?

Most chronic degenerative diseases result from confusion of the body’s immune system in which the immune system can’t tell the difference between “self” tissues, and foreign invaders to the body.  This results in immune system attacks on body tissues.  The “foreign invaders” may be substances that trigger an allergic response, or it may microorganisms.  The particular disease that develops depends on what tissues are targeted by the immune system.  If connective tissues are attacked, the result is rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, Sjogren’s disease, fibromyalgia and related conditions.  If the target tissue is the nervous system it may be multiple sclerosis (MS), ALS and other degenerative nervous system diseases.  If the target is the gastrointestinal system the result may be disease like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s disease, etc.  Conditions like hypoglycemia, diabetes, hypothyroidism and adrenal exhaustion can result when the endocrine system is targeted.

These errors of immune system function happen as a result of various types of allergy, and also from the presence of some types of pathogenic organisms.  Organisms known as “stealth pathogens”, nanobacteria”, or “cell wall deficient forms” may go unrecognized by the immune system in the body – instead they provoke the immune system into generalized inflammatory response that harms our own tissues.  Reprogramming the immune system to recognize these pathogens allows them to be identified, destroyed and stops the autoimmune attack on the body.

NMT is also a very rapid and effective way of correcting all allergies – not only those to foods, inhalants, and other external substances; but to body tissues and body chemicals.  Allergy is really an error in “tagging” of incoming sensation that tells us we have been exposed to some “dangerous” material when we really have not been.  This error provokes the immune system into a defensive response that results in the allergy symptoms we experience.  NMT corrects the erroneous “tagging”, and thereby stops the allergy behavior.  NMT addresses the faulty nervous system processes at the heart of all allergies – so it is usually much faster and more effective than methods that require treatment of separate allergens.

Similarly, NMT treatment is used to cause the body to recognize external toxins, or chemicals that mimic body hormones and prevent our enzyme systems from working properly.  Toxins such as heavy metals are known to cause many illnesses.  NMT treatment instructs the body to purge these harmful substances from the tissues and eliminate them.

How Does NMT Resolve Pain In The Body?

Some conditions result from errors in the sensitivity setting of sensors that tell the nervous system what is happening in the body, and in the process of information from these sensors,.  Imagine what happens if a pain or a stretch sensor in a foot, shoulder, or the spine is set to trigger too easily.  What if that message is unnecessarily amplified in the central nervous system?  This can produce a condition of chronic pain and stiffness that NMT rapidly corrects by optimally resetting the nervous system.  Conditions that have not responded to drugs, exercise, or physical therapy usually respond well to NMT.  Even the most difficult of such conditions typically show marked improvement within six (6) to twelve (12) visits.  Patients are often startled by how rapidly and completely their pain diminishes – often before they leave the treatment room.

NMT also recognizes the harmful effects on our health when our “bio-computer” makes errors in data processing that involve emotional and psychological aspects of the nervous system. NMT has developed the concept of “Pernicious Synaptic patterning” (PSPs).  These are erroneous recording of patterns of data in the nervous system that compromise our brain’s information processing capacity.  NMT very rapidly identifies these patterns, and gives the ANS the instructions it needs to eliminate the PSPs.  Many conditions involve PSPs, and only NMT offers an effective way to remove PSPs – something essential to complete recovery.

Does NMT Fix Everything?

Unfortunately, there isn’t any single approach to health care that can fix every problem in every person.  To understand NMT accurately a prospective patient can think of NMT as treating the person, rather than the disease.  Each patient will experience their own path to wellness, due to differences in severity of problems.  The one thing that we know for sure is that not every patient in every phase of illness gets well.  With NMT we have a safe way of giving the body its best opportunity to return to wellness.

Is NMT Compatible With The Care My Medical Doctor Provides?

Many patients we treat are concurrently under one for of treatment or another by their medical physician.  NMT care does not require you to discontinue any care your medical doctor is providing, nor does it conflict with medical care.  Your medical doctor will always be an important member of your health care team.  Obviously, any member of your health care team who has not had professional NMT training will be unqualified to comment on NMT for any condition; but your NMT practitioner is always available to discuss your NMT treatment with any other health care providers you are working with.

Who Is A Good Candidate For NMT Treatment?

Because NMT is non-invasive, non-force and completely painless there is no one who may not potentially benefit from NMT.  Some patients are infants only a few weeks old who present with food and other allergies, or infections conditions.  They are treated without so much as a whimper.  Some NMT patients are people in their 80’s and 90’s with conditions like osteoporosis or arthritis, yet NMT is so gently they have absolutely no discomfort from treatment.  Many NMT patients are pregnant women, often with low back pain as the presenting complaint.  They can’t take drugs while pregnant, therefore NMT provides rapid and safe relief of their spinal pain.


Q: What is EFT?

In essence EFT is a psychological version of acupuncture -- without the needles.  Instead, we use our finger tips to tap on certain stress relief points to stimulate a balancing effect that replaces emotional distress with a form of peace.

We are still learning why EFT (and its many cousins) works so well.  The existing theory is that "the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system."

The subtle energies that circulate throughout the body have been largely ignored (until recently) by western scientists.  As a result, our use of them for emotional and spiritual healing has been sparse at best.  With EFT, however, we consider these subtle energies to be the front running cause of emotional upsets.  As a result, we tend to generate results that are FAR beyond those of conventional methods.

With Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) you gain access to parts of your subconscious mind safely, easily and rapidly. Everyone can do it, and once you learn EFT, it’s yours forever.

As people experience EFT, most report a profound easing of stress-producing emotions like anxiety and fear, anger and frustration, sadness, even cravings. EFT involves a simple process of tapping on stress-relief points (actually, acupuncture points) on the body as we talk about your issue. You do the tapping yourself and, as you learn to ‘tap away’ the negative emotional charge, you’ll have a very effective tool to help yourself and others.

Many people are able to go deeper into their issues as EFT ‘peels the layers of the onion’ and at those levels, real transformation can take place. You may be aware that certain situations tend to upset you. It’s as if we have ‘emotional wiring’ programmed into us from prior experiences. EFT helps us “rewire” the emotional patterns within so that we are no longer triggered in painful ways. It is literally ‘emotional freedom’ to feel different, lighter, less burdened by the past, less susceptible to reacting with painful emotion.

While traditional therapy used to take months or years and thousands of dollars, EFT usually allows you to achieve lasting results in 2-5 sessions. And with EFT, we do have quite a few “one session wonders”!

There are numerous occasions when EFT works in a complementary way with other therapies. For instance, someone who is processing issues with a talk therapist would benefit from the direct, body-centered emotional clearing offered by EFT.  

Individual sessions are also quite effective, yet EFT lends itself quite well to work in groups. Since you can often achieve your goals in a group setting at a substantial savings, you may find EFT particularly accessible. Another advantage of EFT is that sessions can be very successfully done over the phone. You can experience this healing work in the convenience of your home, and phone sessions can often be more easily scheduled than office visits, especially if you live at a distance.

Even though EFT violates just about every conventional belief out there, the results remain remarkable.  EFT does not do everything for everyone and is still in the developmental stage.  However, the clinical results over the preceding 5 years have been outstanding. 

The EFT website is a rich source of information if you would like to investigate more.  You may wish to go the for case histories, articles and further information.

Please visit the Carol Tuttle Web site for energetic therapy and related products:


Q: What is JMTTM?

JMT is an abbreviation for Jaffe-Mellor Technique, which is the successful result of years of intensive clinical research.  The research began with the hope of finding a better, more permanent way of resolving the pain and progression of arthritis.

Advanced JMT is a safe, drug-free, holistic approach to healing that, in many cases provides relief during the first treatment.  The length and frequency of treatments however, depends upon the severity and chronicity of the illness and is best determined by your health care practitioner.

The Advanced JMT Technique is used by health care professionals throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and South America who have expertise in a diversity of disciplines including conventional medicine, chiropractic, naturopathy, herbs, acupuncture and Oriental medicine, homeopathy, nutrition, physical therapy and mental health.